Out-of-the-box designer, thinker,
and adventurer.

Trevor is an experienced and creative graphic and website designer with 14 year of hard-earned experience in the design world. His love for nature and the outdoors fuels his adventures that often lead to great creative breakthroughs and inspires much of his unique concepts and campaign strategies.

Trevor was born and raised in Sunny San Diego which lead him to the surf, skate and bmx lifestyles that dominated the 90’s and early 00’s. During this time, Trevor developed his sense of style and unique perspective which inspires much of his creative approach today.

Early on, Trevor won numerous drawing competitions throughout schooling which set off a life long passion for the arts. Initially, Trevor wanted to be a comic book artist and would spend hours honing his skills trying to redraw the Stan Lee super hero classics. Later in life, Trevor discovered the computer, which helped direct the path towards a career in graphic design and website development.

While in college, Trevor entered and won the Don Quixote Symposium Poster Competition and quickly became sought after for freelance work. It was at that time that Trevor founded Royal Marketing and Design and started taking on freelance clients while in college with a full-time job. This type of motivation and dedication to productivity has served Trevor and Royal Marketing and Design well over the years.

Trevor is now a proud father of two young boys and still lives and enjoys Sunny San Diego. He can be found surfing or exploring remote, off the grid locations to enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, and photography. Trevor is down-to-earth, passionate about nature and conservation, and loves working with motivated and creative individuals.

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