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Social Media

Social Media is shaping the way we consume media, news, as well as make shopping decisions. Having an online presence simply isn’t enough in this day and age. At Royal Marketing and Design we work with our clients to build an online presence, using Social Media, that speaks to our clients brand message.

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Marketing Strategy

Your Marketing Strategy details how one plans to gain new clients and customers for your business. A detailed and executable strategy is extremely important for the success of a business – especially in the digital world. We work with our clients to develop manageable and successful strategies that build business.

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Graphic Design

When one thinks graphic design, they usually think logos and business cards, but there is so much more to offer! While graphic design typically flows under the print genre (think catalogs, tri-folds, posters, banners, etc) and things that are tangible, many graphic designers are well versed in the world of digital design as well.

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Website Development

Website development and website design are actually two different but very intertwined things. Website development is generally focused on the usability, coding and responsiveness of a website while website design is focused on the general aesthetic of the website you are viewing.

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